When almost 40 years ago I founded TORMEL I was far from knowing that all these years after I could look proudly on the past and enthusiastic towards the future. It's certain that many times it wasn't as simple and easy and we liked it to be, neither for us nor for our partners. Sometimes we were there for them; sometimes it was them who helped us out! Seams simple! An each day roll of living, but because of so clear and evident it's not taken seriously many times. But this is what we have been trying to do all of these years: establish and develop structured relations, supported by a high level of professionalism and responsibility that many times are amplified to strong emotional long term relationship whit customers and partners. Regardless of the past what leaves me happier is the present! It's to have a chance to invite you into this big family that's the TORMEL business and friends network.

João Mendes / Founder and Tormel CEO, a friend.


                              Manufacturing of brass, stainless steel, nylon and aluminum with diameters from 2 till 150mm.